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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contracts to sign obligating me to annual service? No, except for
termite work/warranties.   Our word is our contract and should we not perform as we
told you, then we don’t want you to feel obligated to continue utilizing our service.

Do the products you use have an odor?
Interior products generally do not have a smell unless an aerosol or insect specific
product (i.e.…for fleas) is utilized.  Furthermore, when we have to use a product that
we know has an odor, we will inform you.  Exterior products almost always have odor.

Are the products you use safe?
Some products are more toxic than others and should only be used when absolutely
necessary and when the property owner has been advised. We use the product(s) we
feel will give you the greatest level of protection with the least impact on the people,
pets, property and environment.

Is it really necessary to have the inside treated each time?
It really depends on the age of the home or type of business, past/immediate pest
problems, client preferences, and sanitation practices.  In most residential situations,
we recommend at least one interior inspection/application per year.

What service plan do you recommend?
First service should include interior inspection & application, attic inspection & dusting,
and an exterior treatment. This should then be followed by our bi-monthly exterior
service. We can explain the benefits of this program over the phone or in person.

Is termite protection necessary?
In one word, YES.  In our territory and climate,  termites forage all year long.  The
Eastern Subterranean Termites are the most prevalent in our area and the Formosan
Termite is beginning to make its presence felt.  The cost to cure an existing termite
infestation along with associated repair cost far exceeds the cost of prevention.  
Termites cause more damage per year than all natural disasters.

Do you have any references?
Yes.  We will be happy to supply you with contact names for any of our services.

Have more questions for Chase Pest Control?
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