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Fire Ants

Over the last 70 years, red imported fire ants have become entrenched in the
southern United States, including Texas.

Now, new
TopChoice from Bayer Environmental Science offers homeowners,
landscapers and groundskeepers new hope. One broadcast application of TopChoice
effectively controls fire ants for a full year. Existing fire ants in the treated area are
killed and new colonies are prevented from forming.

Advantages of the Top Choice Fire Any System

  • Apply any time of year
  • Long residual effect to prevent fire ants from returning
  • Unique mode of action - Acting ingredient Fipronil attacks the insects nervous
  • Controls secondary pests - TopChoice also controls mole crickets for four
    months, nuisance ants for three months, and fleas and ticks for one month
  • High safety profile - safe for people and pets!

About Fire Ants

  • Colonies of imported red fire ants consist of the brood plus several types of
  • Queens (there may be multiple queens per colony) are large, wingless ants.
  • Worker ants are wingless, sterile females that tend the larvae and protect the
    queen(s) by defending the nest from intruders.
  • Workers also feel the queen(s) and move her when she is endangered.
  • Winged males have black bodies and smaller heads than females.
  • Reproductive males and females are winged.
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