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Mosquito Misting

Being outdoors is what living in Texas is all about. Outdoor entertaining, Barbeques,
swim parties and playing in the yard. The most menacing thing that prevents us from
enjoying the great outdoors are those pesky BITING M

Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance any more.
The risk of mosquito-borne diseases is real.

Now you can reclaim your outdoor living areas and help protect your family with C
Pest Control's
Mosquito Management program.

MistAway System is the most technologically advanced continuous mosquito misting
program available. MistAway helps homeowners weather mosquito season and control
mosquito populations. With a touch of a button, you can mist away mosquitoes
surrounding your home, deck, yard, or pool. MistAway is a fully automated misting
system installed at the home. Timers are programmed to release approved materials at
preset times. Mosquitoes are killed on contact and the population is reduced
throughout the day. Call C
hase Pest Control for a free site analysis and a customized
plan for you home.

There is no reason to allow mosquitoes to ruin your time outdoors. Call our office today
to learn more. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have concerning the
system and help you to decide whether it is right for your home.
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Mosquito spray systems from MistAway
Learn more about the MistAway Mosquito System
With the digital timer and optional
accessories like a remote control and
weather sensors, you have complete
control of your MistAway system from
Chase Pest Control.