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General Pest Control Service

Basic Pest Prevention
Sanitation is the biggest factor in controlling pest. Additionally, you can keep the soil
level around the slab 3-6” lower than the top of the foundation, keep limbs 4-6’ from
the structure, keep shrubs 1-2’ from walls, do not allow sprinkler systems to water the
walls or drips to go unrepaired, never allow ivy’s to grow on walls. Mechanical
alterations are a great deterrence for pest and varmints. We will gladly recommend
physical alterations to benefit your pest management program.  

For your home
The team from Chase is ready to tackle your insect and pest problem today, and
regularly scheduled visits will help keep pesky bugs away for good. Termite treatment is
our specialty and we are an authorized dealer of the Advance Bait System and
Termidor Liquid Chemical Barrier System. We can also show you the latest
Misting prevention system from MistAway.

We have hundreds of happy customers in the Conroe-Lake Conroe area, and The
Woodlands and Spring area. We would be pleased to inspect your property and offer a
free, no-obligation estimate based on regular treatments to prevent pest problems
before they begin.

For your business
An unmanaged insect or pest problem can be an embarrassment to any business and
scare away customers. Restaurants, offices and retail businesses all count on Chase
Pest & Termite Control to protect their property with regular treatments.

The Chase team can help keep your commercial location pest-free. We will provide a
no-cost, no-obligation initial investigation and prepare an estimate for you based on
regular treatments.

Contact the Chase team today to arrange an initial consultation.

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