Schools out for Summer!!! Good song, but a stressful time. Seems everyone I talk to couldn’t wait for the kids to be out of school and now only after a couple of weeks, we are ready for school to be back in session. I think we all need to just slow down and enjoy what we have and do those things we like to do as a family. Time is one of the best assets we have…use it wisely…cause you can’t get it back. (Uh oh, starting to sound like my parents!)

Speaking of “buzzin around”, no there are no baits, sprays or legal products, that we have, that will control the kids.(call grandma) However, we can control wasp, bees, mosquitoes and other flying insects. This is the time of year when all of the flying insects are active and aggressive. The easiest to control is the wasp. Should you locate wasp entering your eaves or small openings, take some caulk or expanding foam and seal those areas. Exclusion work is by far the best form of protection for many insects. Once this work is performed you shouldn’t have to deal with that area again.

Bee control is a delicate issue. Our industry and especially the farming industry are strongly recommending the removal/relocation of the bees, instead of eradication. Bees truly are beneficial insects. The problem occurs when they “set up shop” in our homes or trees creating concern for the safety of people and property. Professional bee removers will open the hive and retrieve the queen. Additionally, the comb should be removed and the area cleaned. When the hive is in the home, this is where the real challenge begins. Hopefully, the area can be easily opened for proper removal. But in many cases, these areas will have to be “re-built”. However, it is imperative that the comb be removed from the wall to prevent re-infestation and mold growth. The cost of removal as compared to eradication can vary greatly, depending upon the hive location. This is where the dilemma begins because most homeowners prefer to do what is right for the environment, but they want the problem resolved yesterday and done economically. Ultimately it’s your decision… at least, until pest control companies are forbidden by law, from performing bee eradication.

This time of year all insects are active and will be for several more months. If you are experiencing frustrating insect issues now, don’t wait to get them handled or think they will just go away. Take control now. If you like to “do-it-yourself” you can be successful if you follow the label on the product being utilized. (That means mixing and applying at the recommended rates and intervals.) If you would prefer to have a professional take care of the insect problem, give us a call.

On the lighter side… just think, in four months, school will be back in session, we will be in the middle of football season, and we will be putting up the Christmas lights (that we just took down). Yee Ha! Speaking of Christmas… if you like to have your cards professionally created, please call on Tracy at BSI Wholesale Printing (936.521.1560). She does a great job with all of our printing. Tell her, “Cary said to call”.