How about that blast to past? Except for the destruction and devastation from Ike, it sure was nice to actually sit and visit with neighbors on the back porch, under the light of the full moon, with a cool breeze!! (You have to admit, that was enjoyable) Reminded me of the days as a little boy at my grandparents house when we sat outside talking and catching lightning bugs in a jar, until someone said “oh my, it’s 8pm, we got to go to bed”. After 7 days of no electricity I was finally learning how to not stump my toe on the same piece of furniture that hadn’t moved in 15 years…re-learning the process of hand washing the dishes (and telling my kids, “see this is how we used do it”)…making use of the available daylight so I could enjoy the evening…educating myself on the value of only having enough food in the freezer that can fit into a cooler for quick departure (next time)…enjoying the early evening front yard baseball game with the kids…and not at all missing the cell phone!!! I wouldn’t wish a hurricane on anyone and I thank God that my family and friends were not harmed! But, I’m also thankful for what we have learned and for how much more we have grown.

I know not everyone will see this time as I, nor will they have escaped damage to their property. I do hope that all lives are soon restored back to ”normality” and hope that thru these trying times that their neighbors and friends have lent a helping hand. When I did venture out into town to retrieve supplies, it appeared as though all were civil and willing to assist. Thanks to the several stores and their employees for being open and ready to serve… Conroe Welding Supplies, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Western Auto, Sam’s, Wal-Mart, C-Store!

So what else has Ike left us? Well, from the insect world he’s given us mosquitoes (on steroids I might add), mountains of fire ants, new materials for the carpenter ants, relocated spiders and other insects (that used to live in Galveston) and really stirred up the rodent, varmint and snake world.

The mosquito population has exploded and with the warmer nights truly makes the nighttime activities a challenge. You must first protect yourself with the proper attire, repellents, candles, foggers…anything that can help. Be certain to resolve those areas that have standing water. If you have a misting system, you way want to add an extra cycle for mid and early afternoon applications. Treat your lawn and shrubs utilizing one of the products for hose end sprayers obtained from lawn and garden centers. Anything you can do to minimize the breeding sites and “push out” the adults will be greatly beneficial.

Fire ants… don’t just treat the mounds. Go ahead purchase enough product to treat the entire lawn and shrub areas. Treat the mounds also, but in order stop the “chasing” effect you must treat the remaining areas. Though you are treating the entire area for fire ants, you will also see short-term control for other insects like earwigs, millipedes, gnats, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and many more.

If you are seeing the big black or red and black ant…these are carpenter ants. You can attempt to treat these yourself, but I would recommend contacting a Pest Control Professional. Many of the trees that have fallen were hollow and homes to the carpenter ant. With their “home” now gone, they will be looking for a new “rental”… don’t let it be your home. The over the counter products will give you a quick kill, but do not offer the long-term control required.

As for the varmints and snakes… they’re scared and homeless, so be careful if you are attempting to “relocate”. Companies such as Outback Wild Animal Trapping, Wildescapes, Newsome’s or Critter Control are trained to trap and relocate these critters.

Until the next issue, I hope your lives return to some degree of normality. If we can be of any assistance, please call on us. Additionally, if you are in need of a particular trade or service and are not certain of whom you should call, give me call at 936-441-2847 or email your request to I have a referral directory of local individuals with strong moral, ethical and professional services.