In the last issue I discussed the need for pest control services throughout the year, especially in our climate. I can only imagine that bugs are not on your priority list at this time of the year, unless your significant other is complaining about them. If you’re experiencing a heavy pest population now, it will only be worse when the weather warms up. So get started now…it’s the perfect time of year to start a pest management program.

Speaking of programs, let’s discuss the many benefits of a professional Pest Management program…notice; I didn’t say “Contract”. I’m not a fan of General Pest Control Contracts and I’ll explain later. However, I firmly believe that all homes and businesses should have protection from invading insects, especially in our climate. These services can be performed by you or hired out, but consistent service will greatly benefit in your battle with bugs. While most insects are harmless, there are many that you do not want to take up shop on your property because of the damages and/or associated diseases.

A Professional Pest Technician is not just a product applicator. He or she has been trained, educated and licensed to recognize, diagnose and treat for a vast majority of our invading insects. While they may not know each and every insect, they have the training to properly collect, then research and prepare the best treatment method. He or she is a counselor, educator, inspector and problem solver. They should be aware of your concerns, including but not limited to the product(s) being utilized, your pets, your property and your overall expectations.

Earlier I mentioned that I am not a fan of “Contracts”. You will never see a General Pest Control Contract from my company. The TDA laws require all pest control companies that perform wood destroying insect treatments to have a Wood Destroying Insect Contract, but not a General Pest Control Contract. So, why do I not have a contract for General Pest? Simply, you have an insect issue or desire to prevent and we have the knowledge and tools. It’s our job to educate you on what to expect; estimated length of control; perform the service and then stand behind that service. If we can’t or don’t, then fire us. Why be bound by a “Contract”? We ask that if you are not satisfied to allow us the opportunity to correct the problem, but that’s not by ‘contract”, that’s just good business practice and our individual pride.

Our industry Laws are constantly changing, mostly for the protection of the population. We know what is allowed and what is not allowed. Additionally, the “Old Days” of pest control are truly over. There really is no need to enter most homes or businesses every three months and “blanket” the baseboards with chemicals (this type of application is no longer allowed). Initially, an interior inspection and treatment should be performed. However, we have discovered that by performing an every other month or quarterly exterior service that the potential for pest activity inside is greatly reduced, without entering the home. This isn’t to say that the inside will never require treatment, but the interior truly does not need an application every three months. Targeted applications to the entry points in our homes/offices are the correct and responsible application method. Not to mention the benefits of reduced chemical applications in the interior areas where you spend the majority of your time. Other benefits include scheduling, i.e., you do not have to be home in order to insure that your property is being protected from invading insects…no more hassles of scheduling your service. Scheduling of service would only be required when you need an interior assessment or treatment.

By frequently being on your property to perform your routine pest service, we can better evaluate the property needs and consistently manage your insect population. We can better inform you of fire ant activity, termite concerns, exclusion opportunities and needed mechanical alterations. We are involved and committed to “Protecting the People, Pets and Property” that we service.

As we move into the cooler days of our “extended Fall” (notice I didn’t say Winter), consider the advantages of a professional pest management service. Take advantage of “Off Season” discounts on Termite Protection or Misting System installations. And certainly, be on the look-out for uninvited holiday guests…especially those that don’t talk…. or maybe even those that do.

We hope you have a bug free, stress free, Safe & Happy Holidays….Merry Christmas and God Bless you all.