Sixteen years ago a friend, client, and the editor of the Dock Line came to me and said, “Hey, I’m starting a quarterly magazine, featuring local businesses. Would you write a Bug article and want to advertise? And by the way, there’s a fee.” Being the friend and business man that I am, I agreed. I mean I made it through Texas A&M writing papers; I read articles every day about insects; I had just purchased a new box of pencils and Big Chief note pad; I still had my Webster Dictionary; and if all went downhill, my mother is a retired English teacher and local…NO Problem. So, I accepted his challenge/offer.

First year went by great, once I learned that I really shouldn’t take the article to my mother to proof unless I brought a new box of RED markers for all of the corrections and desired to re-write the entire piece. Many times I said to her “it’s supposed to be a local flare not a polished novel.” I mean, I had deadlines and word limitations and routes to complete and school events and YMCA sports to coach…life was hectic. But all was well and it was ONLY 4 articles per year and we have 100’s of bugs to select.

Beginning the Second year, Ozzy (The Editor) called and said he was going to a Bi-Monthly publication because the Magazine was so “well received”. I said, “Awesome. That’s only 2 more articles and couple extra payments per year. No Problem!” Not exactly certain of the timing, but somewhere in that same year he then decided to “print it Monthly”. “Monthly, like 12 articles per year?” I asked. Ozzy said “I see that college education enhanced in your Math skills. Yes, 12 per year. And I need your article tomorrow.” (I’m not even certain he said please.)

Well, with this request came the need for me to take my office operations from paper to the new wave of electronics…i.e., computerized…Modern…cutting edge…technology…UGH. After countless reboots, counseling sessions, anger management classes and every “How to for Dummies” book, I was now ready for “Y2K”…bring it on. Then I finally stumbled onto this program called “WORD” that was already on this new computer and all of sudden, the clouds lifted, the sun shone down upon us, the birds began to sing and smiles returned to the faces. (Well, it seemed that way, to me.) See, with this “WORD” program it counted the number of words in the article, it corrected my spelling, it corrected my grammar, it corrected my punctuation, it made suggestions that I should consider…It was mom in a box, but without the warm and caring attributes. So 12 articles per year it was and has been.

After 16 years; numerous ink cartridges; 178 inspiring articles; 178 Deadlines; 356 reminders about the deadline; 178 calls about the deadline….my “ink” has run out!! I’m hanging up the pen!! My creative writing skills have gone out to pasture!! And my “Backspace” (on the key board) is worn out!

I must say, that it was always great for an existing or new client or friend to say “Hey, read your article in the Dock Line”….never really indicating if it was good or bad or questioning my educational upbringing…Thank You. I can only hope that the information was educational and entertaining. Yes, Chase Pest Control will continue to Advertise in the Dock Line and yes, we will continue to provide pest and termite control services for many years to come. (I still have a daughter to put through Texas A&M and I really enjoy our clients, our employees and the insect world!)

Ozzy (and crew), Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the Dock Line. It’s been real and It’s been fun…you know the rest.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding insects, give us call. We would love the opportunity to be of assistance…Protecting People, Property and Pets Since 1997…It’s what we do!