If Christmas Lights indicate cooler weather, I’m ready to put mine up and see if it makes a difference.? At this point I’ll try anything. Heck, even politics is taking a third/fourth (sometimes a “fifth”..if you know what I mean) seat to the heat and lack of rain. Being outside isn’t for the faint at heart, even the “seasoned” professionals are struggling.

The other night there was a news segment specifically pertaining to the pests problems due to the heat and lack of rain. It seems as though many of us are experiencing more insects than we prefer. All I can say is keep up the barriers and be patient. When it’s hot and dry the insects are coming to your home looking for food, water and shelter…no different than you and I. If you have a chemical barrier around your home, they will come in contact with the active ingredient and ultimately die. Unfortunately, they may not die outside…they just may find you bathroom or kitchen before “kicking the bucket”. Only a contact killing agent gives you the knowledge of knowing they are immediately killed on the spot. It doesn’t help either when we are watering our lawns…attracting the insects from their “desert” homes into the land of “awe”. But I would much prefer to deal with the insects than replant my lawn and shrubs…it’s your choice. Imagine what it’s like for those homes and businesses that are not performing any type of pest management…yikes!!!

Seriously, if it crawls or flies it is on the move to a more inviting location. Don’t allow it to be your home or office. Exterior services will greatly reduce the opportunity for these insects to invade your area. If you are the do-it-yourselfer, wasps and bees entering your home around the facia can be controlled by filling the gaps they are entering. You can use caulk, expanding foam, or some type of mesh product. Caulk is generally the best product for small to medium size entry points. Should spiders be the issue, the best mechanical control is a broom. Once or twice a week take the broom and knock down or remove the webbing. Additionally, you can change the exterior bulbs to a yellow bulb and this will deter the flying insects that attract the spiders. Good luck and be careful on those ladders.

Ants are extremely active. Be on the lookout for Carpenter Ants trailing on or around your home. Carpenter Ants are up to ¾ of inch long and generally all black. They are a BIG ant and easy to spot. Carpenter Ants are nocturnal…active at night. Should you notice these ants on your home or in your landscaping, I would suggest having a professional pest management company solve this problem. Fire ant control for a property can now be done with a single application for a full years protection. We use a product called Top Choice and so far every property owner that we has had their property treated has been elated with the control. It’s not an inexpensive product…but it works and works well. Sugar ants will continue to be a pain. Should you suspect you have sugar ants, generally found in the pantry, counter tops, and cabinets, the worst thing you can do is grab the “Raid”. Do not spray these guys!! Baits and non-repellant insecticides are the only way to effectively rid your home of these ants.

Fleas are becoming more active. First and foremost is to protect your pets by utilizing a treatment program for the pet. Consult with your Veterinarian. To control fleas in your lawn you will need to locate a hose end product that is labeled for fleas and then treat your lawn on the prescribed time frame. Interior flea activity is best left to the professionals.

If you would like more information or have a specific pest concern, please contact me at Chase Pest Control. Our office number is 936-441-2847 or by email at cary@chasepestcontrol.com. Until the next issue, have a great time outdoors. Drink plenty of Water and take many breaks.