Ok, it’s getting hot outside and you don’t like being out there, so while you are inside drinking ice cold tea in the A/C, you’re thinking there is no way the bugs are busy…it’s just too HOT! Wrong…Wasp, Bees, Flies, Mosquitoes, Ants, Spiders…they are all busy. Trust Me!

If you are a “do-it-yourselfer”, wasps and bees entering your home around the facia can be controlled by filling the gaps they are entering. You can use caulk, expanding foam, or some type of mesh product. Caulk is generally the best product for small to medium size entry points. Should spiders be the issue, the best mechanical control is a broom. Once or twice a week take the broom and knock down or remove the webbing. Additionally, you can change the exterior bulbs to a yellow bulb and this will deter the flying insects that attract the spiders. Good luck and be careful on those ladders.

Ants are extremely active. But, be on the lookout for Carpenter Ants trailing on or around your home. We have two types of Carpenter Ants. One is all black and 3/8 to 5/8 inch long and the other is red and black and about ½ inch long. Either ant if seen on or in your home should be treated by a licensed pest control operator. These ants will often build satellite colonies in our homes. This means that their main colony is located somewhere outside in the landscaping or trees and they are establishing a secondary location in our homes. The first step when carpenter ants are seen in or on the home is to remove ALL limbs, branches, shrubs and/or vines that are in contact with the structure. You have to minimize the access points or they will simply find and alternative entry point, making total control almost impossible. Additionally, should the activity be inside the house, attic dusting with an approved product is highly recommended. Many times the actual nest can be located by trailing the ants. This takes a little time, but when you find and treat the nest, the battle is won.

Fire ant control for a property can now be done with a single application for a full year’s protection. We use a product called Top Choice. It’s slow to take control and it’s not an inexpensive product…but it works and works very well. Sugar ants will continue to be a pain. Should you suspect you have sugar ants, generally found in the pantry, counter tops, and cabinets, the worst thing you can do is grab the “Raid”. Do not spray these guys!! Baits and non-repellant insecticides are the only way to effectively rid your home of these ants.

For some reason, the fleas have been absolutely “hopping” this year. Should you have pets, you really need to consider having them dipped and then utilizing an approved flea/tick control product. Should you experience a flea problem on the inside of your home you can attempt to resolve yourself, but try to find a product that has Precor. Additionally, do not forget about the exterior lawn and shrub areas. These areas also need to be treated at the same time. For the best results you need to coordinate the interior, exterior, and pet bath to occur at the same time and before you allow your pet to re-enter the home, you should aggressively vacuum. If you elect to perform this service yourself, please read all product labels and adhere to the retreatment time frame. The flea cycle is every 14-21 days, so it is very important to be consistent with your product applications in order to break this cycle. If you do not have a pet and you are experiencing a flea problem, then you probably have an unwanted rodent or varmint taking up shop in your home. If this is the case, you have to have the animal removed and the entry point sealed prior to treating for the fleas.

Mosquito control for outside enjoyment is a hot topic. We continue to install many misting systems and so far not one homeowner has been dissatisfied with the level of control. In fact most have truly enjoyed not having to spray themselves down or light torches before going outside. If you have a system, please make certain all components are working properly. Should you need repairs or adjustments to your existing system, just give us a call.

If you would like more information or a free proposal on these systems or any pest related service, please contact me at Chase Pest Control. Our office number is 936-441-2847 or by email at chasepestcontrol@consolidated.net. Until the next issue, have a great time outdoors. Drink plenty of water and take many breaks.