As the younger generation would say, “O-M-G”…. Hello South Texas Heat!!! The June heat and humidity makes me really wonder what the next couple of months are going to be like….yikes. Please be careful out there and drink plenty of water.

This month I want to re-visit the topic of Misting Systems due to the June rains and population explosion of the mosquitoes and flies. The Mosquito Misting system is designed and installed to protect a specific area from invading mosquitoes and flying insects. For instance, a deck area, patio, play area, around the pool, or a combination of any of these areas. Proper identification of the areas you would like to spend more time in without fighting off mosquitoes is critical to your overall satisfaction of the system. Once the “area” is determined the system is designed so that you can obtain maximum protection while enjoying these areas. Can you expect to encounter zero mosquitoes? No. But, you will be amazed at just how few mosquitoes you will see, and you can expect to spend more time outside without taking a bath in OFF or lighting torches. For those of you that live around the lake, the system works great at controlling the “lake flies”, as well. Let me also say that if you are the type of person that “always” gets eaten up by mosquitoes no matter what you put on, the chances are that this will not completely solve that problem either…sorry. (Some individuals just attract mosquitoes more than others… I can’t explain it…they just like you…you’re their type (A/B or O)) Another feature of the misting system is that they have a remote control. This will allow you to operate your system just before you go outside and give you that extra protection.

Mosquito Misting Systems will meet and exceed all of your expectations. Furthermore, it eliminates your having to remember when you last treated; it eliminates bringing everyone back inside while you go spray or fog the area and then wait for the product to dry or dissipate; it eliminates candles, torches, and drenching the kids in repellants. Remember the thought you had when you finally decided to have a sprinkler system installed and stop dragging the hoses…”I wished I had done that years ago”…well, you will say the same thing when a properly installed Mosquito Misting System is installed on your property.

All of these systems are designed to operate like a sprinkler system. There is a controller that has a clock, that is programmed to operate at specified times, for a specified amount of time. Generally, they are programmed to come on at times when you are not outside and only operate for 30-45 seconds. There are only a few products labeled for usage in these systems. You cannot put just any product in the system.

Misting Systems also help to control flies, no-see-ums, fleas, ants and many other insects. Should you have a horse barn and are experiencing a heavy fly problem, these systems have greatly reduced the fly population and will not harm the horses or their feed. Actually, these systems originated in Equine industry to specifically assist with fly management.

In closing, we installed a system for my neighbor couple of years ago. They like to sit on the front porch to read the paper and visit and sip an adult beverage (in the evening). Before the system, they had to do all those other things (you know…bath in OFF, light the torches, etc.) before they went outside and were still run indoors before they wanted to leave…now they spend more time rocking, sipping and talking in the great outdoors of their front porch. If you would like to spend more time outdoors with those you love then give us a call, maybe we can make that happen….you never know, unless you ask.

In our ad this month, you will notice a coupon for the installation of a new system and a coupon for servicing of an existing system, for a new client. There’s nothing worse than having an existing system and it not work properly. We can come identify and repair the issues and get you back on the road to enjoying your outside environment.

Until next time, if you’re tired of ”swatin, stompin and throwin” things (at bugs)…give us a call…we’ll Chase’em away …to your neighbors. We are a full service pest control company providing general pest, termite, rodent and misting system services to homes and offices in Montgomery County. If we can assist you with any insect related issue, please give us a call or email me at