Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I can only assume that everyone who read the previous articles has performed their exterior inspections and completed the identified mechanical alterations. If not, the temperatures are perfect for completing this project (not to mention the extra “Brownie” points you will make with the significant other).

One reader asked the question: “Is it necessary to perform or have pest control services in the winter?” Answer…Yes. First off we do not experience a true winter where we have many days of freezing temperatures that greatly impact our pest populations. Yes, it does get cold to our standards, but three days later you can go play golf in shorts. I know many of you will smirk and agree that on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Day you have turned the A/C down low and started a fire…just to get in that Holiday Spirit.

Our climate necessitates year-round pest management. When certain insect activity slows down, other pest become more active. For instance, rodents and animals (squirrels, raccoons, etc) are looking for nesting areas. Other insects are searching for areas to “camp out” as well. Termites, in our area will continue to search for more wood sources and continue feeding on the sources they have found…hopefully not your home or business. So yes, it is important to maintain or even start your pest management program.

Ideally, this time of year is perfect for mechanical alterations, performing termite treatments, installing mosquito systems, and treating attics. Although these services may not be first on your “To Do” list, the cost of waiting may be more expensive and aggravating. Additionally, gaining control or preparing to control these pest now, means greater enjoyment and less stress when the “active” season begins. Speaking for my company, this is the time of year we offer incentives on termite prevention and mosquito systems, electing to take advantage of the cooler days. Not to mention the advantage of the system being in place for when mosquitoes begin to fly, again. As for termites, they continue to forage and damage structures 24/7, 365 days a year; therefore, prevention can begin anytime…the sooner the better.

If there were one insect I would choose to discuss at this time of the year, it would be the Silverfish. These insects hide during the day and prefer to rest in tight cracks or crevices and can be found almost anywhere in a home or business. They tend to concentrate in the bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms. This is because they need a temperature range of 72-90 degrees and at least 50-75% humidity in order to reproduce. It will take 3-4 months before a silverfish becomes an adult, under favorable conditions and can live up to 3 years. Silverfish are commonly referred to as a paper pest. This is because they prefer to forage on paper products but are particularly drawn to wallpaper and wallpaper paste, glazed papers and papers with sizing. Certain species of silverfish prefer linen, rayon, and cotton, but not wools or true silks.

The key to control of silverfish is the proper identification of the infested areas and available food sources. Many infestations are very localized and environmental modifications can reduce the population. In most cases a crack and crevice application with a properly labeled insecticide is needed as well as a wall void treatment.

As we move into the cooler days of our “extended Fall”, let’s take care of those mechanical alterations discussed in previous issues; consider taking advantage of “Off Season” discounts by providing the appropriate level of protection our families and properties deserve; and, be on the look-out for uninvited holiday guests…those that don’t talk or maybe even those that do.

In closing, you take care of the pies and turkeys; we will take care of the pest and termites. We hope you have a bug free, stress free, Safe & Happy Holidays. Send any of your “411” questions, concerns or comments to