Happy New Year! We all hope that you had a safe and joyous Holiday! In the last issue I started off admiring the cooler temperatures. It’s now January and I wonder if we will even have a winter. Oh well, you know what they say…If you like changing weather then welcome to Texas. (Heck, it may even snow in May….na, not of chance of that I promise.)

The one thing I can promise is that the insect world is rejoicing because of the lack of a hard winter. Many of you may already be recognizing their celebration…ant mounds, bees and wasps, tree roaches roaming through the house, and even our wonderful mosquitoes are back interrupting “our” time outside.

Yes, we may get some more “cooler” weather. However, if you are experiencing these insects now, you can bet you will be seeing them in greater forces come the “Spring” (February??). All homes and businesses should have protection from invading insects. While most insects are harmless, there are many that you do not want to take up shop on your property because of the damage and diseases that they associate. The “Old Days” of pest control are truly over. There really is no need to enter most homes or businesses every three months and “blanket” the baseboards with chemicals. Initially, an interior inspection and treatment should be performed. However, we have discovered that by performing an every other month exterior service that the potential for pest activity inside is greatly reduced. This isn’t to say that the inside will never require treatment, but the interior truly does not need an application every three months. Targeted applications to the entry points in our homes/offices are the correct and responsible application method. Not to mention the benefits of reduced chemical applications in the interior areas where we spend the majority of our time. Other benefits include scheduling, i.e., you do not have to be home in order to insure that your property is being protected from invading insects…no more hassles of scheduling your service. Scheduling of service would only be required when you needed interior treatment.

Fire ants are already on the move. If you are tired of chasing the mounds around your lawn, you should consider a granular application of Top Choice. This product works great for twelve months. It’s slow to start, but when it takes charge…no more Fire ants.

Unfortunately, this product is not available “over the counter”. Top Choice should be purchased through and applied by a licensed pest control operator.

If you hated the mosquitoes this past summer (and late December) then now is the time to consider the installation of a mosquito misting system. Though it is called a mosquito misting system, you also get control of other flying insects such as wasp, bees, flies, and those nuisance “lake flies”. So, if you are tired of swatting at these guys to keep them out of your coffee and ears, give us call, we can help.

Just a reminder, it’s still comfortable outside and exclusion/alterations should be performed. If you have heard noises in the attic or seen bees and wasp entering around the eaves, then now is the time to correct this problem. Professional exclusion services are well worth the cost. If done by a professional, you can look at paying $75-$300, depending on the extent of the work. But once this is completed you need not worry about rodents and varmints entering and damaging your home. Remember, tree limbs should be cut back six feet or more from the home and shrubs or ornamental trees/bushes should not touch the brick or siding.

If you would like more information or a free proposal on these systems or any pest related service, please contact me at Chase Pest Control. Our office number is 936-441-2847 or by email at cary@chasepestcontrol.com. Until the next issue, have a great time outdoors.