Ok, so we are heading into “Fall”…yes, we are!!!…and for those of you not from here, this is when it goes from 99 degrees and 99% humidity to 90 degrees and 99% humidity…and we appreciate this change!!! The changing of the seasons begin…High School Football Season, College Football Season, Hunting Season…to name a few. A great time of the year!!!

The bug world will tend to change as well. Focus will shift from the roaches, ants, and other insects you have been seeing, to the bigger issue of squirrels, rats, mice, and other varmints looking for harborage areas for the winter. Now is the time for you to have your pest control professional or yourself inspect/evaluate the exterior of your home and office to identify entry areas. Keep in mind while performing this inspection that you are looking for openings the size of a quarter and larger. Once the areas have been identified the proper exclusion materials should be utilized that will last for several years and not deface the appearance of your property. In addition to performing the exclusion work, the avenues utilized by the critters to access those areas must also be altered. Should you have limbs in contact with the structure, they need to be trimmed back at least 6 feet from the structure. Vines growing on the structure should truly be removed. Identifying and correcting these areas now will greatly reduce the potential for more expensive problems later.

This is also a great time of year to consider a Mosquito Misting System. If the time that you have spent in your back yard has been reduced due to the mosquito population, you can take control of this area and spend more enjoyable time outdoors, especially as Fall gets closer. You may be thinking let’s wait until spring, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy the first day of Spring instead of mid-Spring? Plus, you can get one of those Christmas gifts out of the way. I promise you, if the mosquitoes were a problem for you this year…they will be a problem for you next year, unless you give them a reason to leave your area.

Other insects on the move will be “our” friend the wonderful fire ant. As the rain begins, the mounds will appear. Then you will start the weekend expeditions of “killing those %#@$#” only to get frustrated because they “moved” over about fifteen feet from where they were last weekend. (You’re laughing, aren’t you? I’ve seen you doing it.) Then, after you have spent countless hours and several hundred dollars…you wave the white flag, hang you head low, and admit defeat and humiliation caused by a little ant. If you read nothing else in this article, please read the next couple of lines. Save yourself countless hours of time and frustration, either call a professional to apply Top Choice or purchase enough of the appropriate over-the-counter product to treat the ENTIRE property the first time according to the label. The Top Choice product, that we have available to apply, will control fire ants for 12 months…guaranteed!

A complete program evaluation of your general pest control, termite protection, exclusion work and fire ant control, should be performed. Professional Pest Management is strongly recommended in our region and can minimize costly repairs and embarrassing situations. Select a reputable company that will take the time to perform a complete evaluation, explain their discoveries and treatment options.

Until next time, if you’re tired of ”swatin, stompin and throwin” things at bugs…give us a call…we’ll Chase’em away …to your neighbors. Should you have a particular insect question or problem email me at chasepestcontrol@consolidated.net and I will do my best to answer any question.