This is such an awesome time of the year!!! High School & College football games…hunting seasons are opening…the weather is becoming more tolerable…Holidays are approaching…generally we (people) tend to “shift into a lower gear”, but for some, it’s only 5th to 4th gear!! And, for some reason, it still seems to me that 365 days passes at Mach 5 speed!!

As the year begins to wind down, I usually bring out that “list” of items that I made at the first of the year of things I desired to accomplish (both personally & professionally)…realistically this is 10 year “merged” list, cause never is everything completed!! But, that’s not a bad thing…can’t imagine what I would do if “everything” was completed…isn’t that what “tomorrow” is for?

So, with this being the month of Thanks, I would like give Thanks. Absolutely first, the good Lord for blessing me with His grace…for all things are possible only thru Him! My family for their continued support and holding things together, when at times it seems impossible. To the many friends that keep us in laughter & tears & keep life real!! To the Employees of Chase Pest Control for desiring to be a part of a team dedicated to professionally servicing the needs of our client base. To our many clients for trusting in our abilities to protect your “people, pets & property” from invading insects. And yes, Thanks to the insects…for challenging us daily and for “minding” us when we “persuade” you to leave the property…for awhile.

After 16 years of being in the pest control industry and servicing the needs of many homeowners & businesses in Montgomery County, our growth & success is solely due to our employees and your satisfaction of the services received! Did you know that each service technician is required by law, to be licensed; obtain a minimum of 8 Continuing Education hours per year; know how to identify any insect & to know their habits; and then understand, comprehend & prepare the proper product for that insect management? Then, they have to have people skills and the ability to educate and explain exactly what you can expect from the treatment, often addressing very sensitive areas of discussion such as sanitation issues or clutter, all in a professional manner. That’s what we do and I’m thankful my team of technicians desire to be educated and to educate. These guys (Harry, Russell & Stephen) take great pride in doing the job correctly and standing behind that work until the client is satisfied or has been educated on what to expect.

You & I are fortunate that I do not have a lot of technician turnover. You, because we attempt to keep the same tech on the same account enhancing the continual personal knowledge of the property and your desires. Me, because training & education is expensive & it’s truly difficult to find the right combination of work skills & characteristics needed to represent the company and to enter your property…FYI… Harry & Russell have been here 9 years and Stephen 7 years!! These guys are ready to inspect, diagnose, educate and treat whatever insect issue that you may incur.

In closing, you remember that “list” that I mentioned earlier? Well, if you’re going over or preparing your “list” for the remainder of the year or for next year and one of your items was/is to find a pest management company to assist you with reducing your pest population, I think we can help you. We can tailor a program to fit your specific needs. If you want Annual, Semi-annual, Every 4 Months, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Every 2 weeks, Weekly, daily or even hourly service, we can do it!(Hourly service might be a little over the top, but hey, if you need it…) And, No Contracts!! I hate annual General Pest Control Contracts…if you’re not satisfied with our service, why in the world would you want to be locked-in to 11 more months of service…fire us!! But, before you fire us, can you give us a chance to resolve the issue to your level of satisfaction? Keep in mind, it is pest management not pest eradication. They’re only a bad bug if they are invading your space, uninvited.

Chase Pest Control services homes and businesses mostly in Montgomery County. We provide General Pest Management, Termite Treatment & Inspections, Fire Ant treatments and Rodent trapping & Exclusion services. Additionally, we install & service Misting Systems and perform Insect Fogging to outdoor areas to minimize mosquitoes, gnats and other nuisance insects.

Our growth is mostly thru referrals, the Dock Line, the Internet and ads that support the kids & their schools within the community we serve. We won’t knock on your door or call you at supper time. (However, if we are servicing your neighbor and happen to notice termite activity or another insect issue on your property, we may leave you a card and note.) We won’t stuff paper in your mailbox (that’s illegal), hang stuff on your door or put signs up high in the trees. It’s a slow but steady growth program…”EF Hutton” style…one client at a time (for those that remember that ad)…So the question is, will you be referring us or referred to us?

If you would like more information or a free proposal on the services we offer or any pest related topic, please contact me at Chase Pest Control. Our office number is 936-441-2847 or by email at Until the next issue, have a great time outdoors; get ready for the holidays; and bring on the cooler weather…and give us a call, it’s time to begin your pest management program.