Home Pest ControlAre you looking for quality XXXXX pest control services? We offer many pest control services like XXXXX mosquito control services, XXXXX termite control services, XXXXX fire ant control services, and other. As a result, Chase has built a great reputation for our dedication to protecting people, pets, and property with exceptional pest control services. We are ready to tackle your insect and pest problem today, and regularly scheduled visits will help keep pesky bugs away for good.

In XXXXX, pest control hinges on proper sanitation. Hence, keeping your home clean both inside and out is the biggest factor in controlling pests.  Additionally, you can keep the soil level around the slab 3-6” lower than the top of the foundation. Keep limbs 4-6’ from the structure. Keep shrubs 1-2’ from walls. Furthermore, do not allow sprinkler systems to water the walls or drips to go un-repaired. Never allow ivy to grow on walls. Mechanical alterations are a great deterrence for pest and varmints. For that reason, we will gladly recommend physical alterations to benefit your pest management program.

Outside of general pest control, here are our most popular XXXXX pest control services.

XXXXX Termite Control Services

XXXXX Termite Control ServicesDo you need professional XXXXX termite control services? Have you discovered termites on your property and are in need of a termite treatment? Do you want to get ahead of the destruction and prevent termites altogether? At Chase Pest Control, we can develop an effective, proven treatment strategy that will eliminate the threat of termites destroying your property.

XXXXX Termite control is accomplished by performing a conventional chemical barrier treatment or the installation and monitoring of the Advance Termite Bait System. Both treatment forms are effective, however, we prefer to utilize the Liquid Chemical Barrier Treatment utilizing Termidor SC, when possible. Because this leading termiticide has proven research in controlling and eliminating termites in structures for many years.

Call us to learn more about our XXXXX termite control treatment services.


XXXXX Fire Ant Control Services

XXXXX Fire Ant Control ServicesBecause of the region we live in, our XXXXX fire ant control services are needed regularly. Over the last 70 years, red imported fire ants have become entrenched in the southern United States, including Texas.

Are fire ant mounds popping up on your property, requiring fire ant treatment? XXXXX Fire ant control is essential for protecting your family and pets. At Chase Pest Control, our XXXXX fire ant treatment is designed to give you long lasting relief from fire ants. New TopChoice from Bayer Environmental Science offers homeowners, landscapers, and groundskeepers new hope. One broadcast application of TopChoice effectively controls fire ants for a full year. Because existing fire ants in the treated area are killed and new colonies are prevented from forming.

It is important to treat your property for fire ants right away. They can spread and become a nuisance quickly. Contact us today to learn more about our XXXXX fire ant control services and get rid of fire ants once and for all.


XXXXX Mosquito Control Services

XXXXX Mosquito Control ServicesDo you need XXXXX mosquito control service right away?

Annoying mosquitoes in Texas are nothing new.  Those pesky bugs can really put a damper on your outdoor fun. To help you combat them and reclaim your outdoor space, we offer several XXXXX mosquito treatment options. One of the most effective is our mosquito fogging service.

Some homeowners choose to install XXXXX mosquito control systems to protect their environment all year round. That can be expensive, and not always the best option for everyone. More than likely, most homeowners need a quick, on-demand service or a regular service for just a few months out of the year.

At Chase Pest Control, we offer mosquito fogging services, either as a one-time service or as a monthly service. Our mosquito fogging service is great for outdoor activities, parties, weddings, parks, recreation areas, etc.

We also offer XXXXX mosquito control management with our misting services. The MistAway System is the most technologically advanced continuous mosquito misting program available. MistAway helps homeowners weather mosquito season and control mosquito populations. Because with a touch of a button, you can mist away mosquitoes surrounding your home, deck, yard, or pool. MistAway provides fully automated home control. Due to programmed timers releasing approved materials at preset times. Mosquitoes are killed on contact and the population is reduced throughout the day. Call Chase Pest Control for a free site analysis and a customized plan for your home.


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A Trusted XXXXX Pest Control Services Provider

XXXXX Pest Control ServicesAt Chase Pest Control, we have earned an outstanding reputation over the years as a trusted XXXXX pest control company. We are family owned and operated, only hire the best technicians, and we never make you sign a contract. We’ll always schedule an exact time to come to you so you can schedule your day accordingly. We build our business on referrals. Because having happy customers is the best form of marketing. Use our XXXXX pest control services and you’ll see why.

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