May?? No way it’s already May! What happened to “stop and smell the roses”? (Just no time anymore for those pleasures.)

Well…you know what they say about the “April Showers”, they bring the “May Flowers” …and the Mosquitoes! As much as we like this time of year, it seems that we also complain about the inability to spend more time outdoors… because of those (supply your own word) Mosquitoes.

I find it somewhat humorous what the “professionals” suggest: “limit your time outside during the peak times”; if you must be outside, “wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, hat, gloves, and put on a repellant”. Obviously, these “professionals” don’t live or work in Montgomery County where it’s 95 degrees and 110% humidity, nor do they have pools, a lawn to mow, bushes to trim, weeds to pull, food to cook on the grille… they don’t have any responsibilities or FUN. Don’t get me wrong, Mosquitoes are a carrier for many dangerous diseases and we should protect ourselves as best possible, but come on… if we put on everything suggested we would all be in the Emergency Room with heat exhaustion or repellant detoxification.

To make matters worse, some individuals are more prone to mosquito bites than others. We all know the person that no matter what he or she does before going outdoors; they still manage to get attacked by mosquitoes. (We call those individuals… “Blood Donors”) I wish I could tell you that there is a definitive answer to your issue, but I haven’t discovered it. Unfortunately, you are the individual that must truly take all precautions.

What you must do is minimize the breeding sources on your property. By making your property “less attractive” to the mosquito, you will reduce their activity on your property. This is accomplished by reducing the moisture levels in the lawns and shrubs. Not allowing water to remain stagnant in potted plants, gutters or anything that will “hold” water. Heavy/dense foliage areas that retain moisture should be thinned. Change out the water in non-circulating water features or purchase mosquito bricks to be placed in birdbaths, small ponds and culverts.

For those of you that like to “do-it-yourself”, yes, you can make a difference. Minimize the areas discussed above, but be consistent in your practice. There are some over the counter foggers and hose end sprays that are very effective. The key is to not wait until 5 minutes before the “party” starts to fog or spray, for the first time. You seriously need to start days, or weeks, ahead of the planned event. Consistency is the main ingredient! You must “educate” the insect that they are not welcome at your party and these insects are like young children… you have to tell them several times over and over for days/weeks/months/years… get the picture? Consistency.

The other option that is becoming very popular and effective is the installation of an automated misting system. These systems utilize an EPA approved active ingredient called Pyrethrum that is extracted from the chrysanthemum flower. The system is designed to protect a defined area/zone and is programmed to “consistently” come on at specified times each and every day. Additionally, these systems have a remote control that will allow you to activate a 30-45 second cycle prior to your entry into these areas for that added protection. If you would like more information please visit our web site at or give us a call at 936-441-2847. Additionally, if you have an existing system that is in need of service or repairs, we can assist.