Hmm…I asked for rain and we got it! Thank you! It’s hard to believe that the summer break is over and “Fall” is upon us…High School Football, Hunting Seasons open, Holiday “specials”, and Christmas decorating…fun, fun, fun! (start your planning now to prevent those last minute “spousal” pressures)

Speaking of pressures, “bookworms” should be diligently back at work in your house.

You can recognize these wonderful creatures by their sounds of moaning, complaining, procrastinating cries, accumulations of new books and papers. You can minimize their non-productive time by removing the TV, relocating the Text machine (cell phone), and hiding the electronic games. These “bookworms” are very beneficial and need to be frequently comforted…hug away and be thankful!

Let discuss bugs. I can’t tell you how many calls I get from people trying to describe a particular bug. It generally goes something like this…”yes it’s about an inch long, with wings, long legs, looks like an ant and has lobster like pinchers, wearing horn rim glasses and white shoes. I only saw one and I killed it. What is it??” Well, (being the comedian) I say…Dead and good job, thanks for calling. Really though, we can’t properly identify an insect if it has been smashed and thrown away. Additionally, though you only saw “one”, there are literally thousands of insects and even hundreds within the same family of insects. Furthermore, if you have only located one then consider yourself lucky and that one insect sighting a mystery. What we do recommend to our clients is, as they encounter certain insects, collect them in a jar or zip lock bag. At our next visit we can attempt to properly identify them on the spot or to return them to the office for proper identification under the microscope. Seriously though, if you only saw one insect the chance of you having an “infestation” problem is extremely rare. Collect the bug anyway…we love a good challenge.

I have recently had some inquiries about the new Rasberry Ant and how to prevent their infestation. I know the news reported that our industry didn’t have a product identified for their control, but they were wrong. The EPA has granted a “Crisis Exemption use for Crazy Ant Control”, with a product called Termidor SC that is showing good results. However, the new label requires absolute positive identification of the Crazy Rasberry Ant and the treatment area to be confined to 3 feet up and only 10 feet out around the building. The kicker is this; we can’t “prevent” the ant from entering your structure by utilizing this product. We must wait for the ant to be present before treating with this product. The current “prevention” method is consistent exterior applications with an approved quality product that will minimize the ant and other insects desire to enter your structures.

Until the next issue, enjoy those “bookworms” and Friday night football games. Christmas is approaching quickly, so get those lights up and start purchasing those gifts.

If you need a great gift idea, consider a Mosquito Misting System… you will be ready for next summer and it’s works year round. Any questions or comments email me at or give us a call at 936.441.2847.