Shhh…listen…They’re Back!!!!…mosquitoes, flies, gnats, wasps, roaches, fire ants, termites… the BUGS are back in town …the BUGS are back in town. (Great Song!) Don’t panic, there’s still time to act.

PUBLIC NOTICE…It’s Termite Swarm Season. As I write this article I have just returned from Bentwater, where the termites are swarming. Actually, over the past two weeks, we have seen termite swarmers in Pasadena to New Waverly, so I would say it’s time to be on the look out.

So what are you looking for? If you see “ant like” insects with four wings of equal size and generally a darkish brown to black body, these are termite swarmers. Additionally the body will have the same thickness from head to tail and you really cannot tell the difference between the segmented portions of the head, thorax, and abdomen, like you can on an ant. The main thing to notice or identify is if these insects are swarming from the inside. If you notice these insects on the inside around your window seals or doors, you really should call a pest control company that is licensed for termite control. It is critical to be able to determine the specific location of where the swarm is originating. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. If your home or business is not being protected from termites and the damage they cause, why not? The cost of prevention is far less than the cost of the repairs.

Ok, so let’s say you find termites, now what? Well, you have four options: do nothing, spot treat, partial treatment, or a complete partial treatment. Spot treatments are limited to 10 linear feet or less. Partial treatments are 10 linear feet and more. Complete partial treatment is where the entire structure has been treated. Of these treatment options you have only three treatment types: fumigation, liquid, or baits (and sometimes a combination of both liquid and baits). Which treatment option and type depends on the termite species, construction of the home or business, surrounding environment, your desires and the financial investment.

Are the fire ant mounds popping up everywhere? You have options here also. You can chase them around your yard baiting each mound every week. Distribute granules every 60 to 90 days. Or, call us to apply Top Choice Fire Ant Control to your lawn and not worry about them for one full year, with just one application.

In my last article I discussed mosquito control utilizing a misting system. Many readers called to request a free proposal and further discuss the system. In talking with several of them the conversation quickly turned to “spider systems” and their control. A mosquito system and a spider system is the same instrument. The difference is the application or installation method. A mosquito system is designed to protect a certain zone, usually an outside entertaining or play area, from mosquito “invasions”. This could comprise portions of the home; say the patio, to around the fence or pool or in the landscaping or in most cases, all of these areas. The spider system is designed to go around the home or business and is installed under the soffit or facia on an 8 to 10 foot interval. And yes, you can have both on the same system. The product utilized in our system will control mosquitoes and spiders, along with many other insects.

The whole purpose of these systems is to enable you to spend more quality time outside, away from the television and video games, with your family and friends without having to take a bath in some mosquito repellant. Not to mention reducing the mosquito population and their associated diseases. Again, I installed the system in my backyard last summer and since then we have not put on any repellants or lit any candles or torches, and have spent many more hours outside enjoying our kids and the fresh air. If you would like more information or a free proposal on these systems or any pest related service, please contact me at Chase Pest Control. Our office number is 936-441-2847 or by email at Until the next issue, have a great time outdoors.