Well…August isn’t as hot as I was anticipating…a little wetter, but that’s not a bad thing. Believe it or not Fall and Winter is just around the corner, which brings on many more exciting opportunities such as Friday night High School Football, hunting season, the “thought” of a warm fire, and new bug challenges. (Ok, the warm fire is way out of line…but it sounded good!)

Hey, as you know, in our neck of the woods we really do not have a “true” winter. Therefore, insects in our area are a year round problem. We are actually coming into the months when insects begin their process for winter survival. Preparing nesting areas in the walls, eaves, and attics of our homes and offices. This is the time to begin exclusion or treatment practices, but more importantly is to analyze and inspect your property.

Some of the items you need to look for are tree limbs in contact with the structure, shrubs and bushes that are touching the walls, wood and/or brick stacks next to and in contact with the structure, and grass, mulch, or soil higher than the slab. These are the items we look for on each property that tend to enhance pest problems. Tree limbs should be no less than eight feet from the structure. In regards to your shrubs and bushes, there should be enough room (2-4 feet) for a person to walk behind them to inspect the weep holes and the foundation. Items such as bricks, lumber, fire wood, bags, or boxes should never be stacked next to and higher than the foundation. Grass, mulch, soil higher than the slab/foundation is a major concern and should be corrected immediately. Should you find these “violations” on your property, I would greatly suggest you remedy them, especially if you are continually having an insect problem.

As I mentioned in the last issue, Carpenter Ants have been extremely active. Should you notice these big ants traveling around your home, please contact your pest management provider to have this treated. There are some over the counter products that you can try, however, I am not certain how long they will last and there is much more to be done than just spraying the product.

For those of you that live around the lake and are tired of those “lake flies” on your patio, around the windows, and on your homes, there is a way to solve that problem. The misting systems are greatly minimizing their invasion as well as adding great control for mosquitoes and other insects. Our “Chase’m Away Misting System” is designed and installed to prevent pest invasions in and to the areas where you desire. These systems are programmed to operate at times when you are not present or can be operated right before you go outside to flush the area of these insects. Therefore, if your tired of picking these flying insects out of your coffee or adult beverages or swatting at them, you should consider a misting system.

If you would like more information or a free proposal on these systems or any pest related service, please contact me at Chase Pest Control. Our office number is 936-441-2847 or by email at cary@chasepestcontrol.com. Until the next issue, have a great time outdoors.