Remember the movie, Poltergeist? There was a line in the movie that went “They’re Here”. Well in the movie they were not talking about bugs, but today, I am. They are here and it will only get worse. The lack of a hard freeze will only add fuel to the bug fire.

Already on the rise are fire ants, carpenter ants, bees, wasp, mosquitoes and termites.

Speaking of termites, there is a strong possibility that by the time you get this article we will have experienced the “swarm”, or it’s soon to occur. Should you enter your home or business and discover thousands of “ant like” insects with or without wings, you should immediately contact a pest control company. Do not grab the raid can and start spraying. The majority of these swarmers will die. If you must clean up the area, please use a vacuum and then discard the bag. It’s important for the pest control operator to view the area to determine the point(s) of entry/exit, especially on an interior swarm. Additionally, it is very common for homeowners to find termite swarmers around the doors and windows during the swarm season. What needs to be identified is whether the wings are located on the inside or outside of the structure.

Be safe and call a qualified pest control operator, this is not a “do-it-yourself” job. A professional operator will inspect the property, identify the areas of concern, discuss the available options, and allow you to make an educated decision. Termite treatment options include a chemical spot treatment, chemical barrier treatment, fumigation, baiting systems and/or a combination of these treatments. Your home or office is generally one of your largest investments; therefore, protect it from costly termite damage. Ask the pest control operator about the warranty offered and what will be done in the event the termites return. Utilize the pest control operator that you know and trust. Ask for references and call on those references. A qualified, professional pest control operator should be willing to address your concerns and provide you with enough information needed to make an informed decision.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is less expensive to prevent termites from entering your home or office than it is to “cure” them and repair the damage they created. Think about it…you would have to pay the pest control operator,

a carpenter, a sheetrock person, a painter, and possibly others should you wait until they infest the structure.

Recently in the news was the concern of mulch, infested with the Formosan Termite, being brought into Texas. While this is a legitimate concern, our State and National Government regulates materials crossing our borders and is “not” going to allow this to occur. Mulching is very common in our area. Even the mulch we buy locally could have termites…the more reason to have protection. One word of caution when mulching, please do not pile the mulch higher than the slab. Keep 2-4 inches of slab exposed at all times and make certain the weepholes are not covered.

If you are tired of chasing the Fire Ant mounds around your property, your pest control operator should be recommending an application of Top Choice. This product, when applied properly, will give you twelve months of control, guaranteed. It takes 6-8 weeks to totally take effect, however, active mounds are treated with an appropriate bait to begin working immediately. This product truly works well, but does have a price tag.

Since the rains have not been frequent, maybe our mosquito population will be low. But I wouldn’t count on that. If you and your family enjoy the backyard but are forced inside because of these insects, you may want to consider a mosquito misting system for this area. When properly designed and installed, homeowners can extend their outside time without spraying their bodies down with Off or lighting candles. These systems also control other biting insects such as flies, gnats, no-see-ums, and fleas. Should you have a barn for your livestock, this system really helps control the fly population. We use a product called Riptide in our systems. This is a water based Pyrethrin, labeled for use in misting systems around livestock, marinas, food handling establishments and many other areas. Riptide will not stain surfaces or burn plants. We have not received one complaint on our systems and most homeowners wished that they had installed the system long ago.

This truly is the start of the bug season and there are so many insects and items we could discuss. However, the editor will not allow me to take up the entire magazine…George T. Chozenwun needs his time, too. Speaking of George, we need to be protecting our pets from fleas. I anticipate a very busy flea season. We have already seen several cases of flea infestations this year, which can only mean that it will get worse. The first line of protection is with your pet. All pets should be on some type of flea and tick preventative. If your pet is not, please contact your vet to determine the appropriate product. Exterior flea prevention should begin now with the application of an appropriately labeled granule. These applications should continue in accordance with the time frame on the label. Should you discover fleas in your home, do not think that they will just go away.

The interior and exterior needs to be treated as soon as possible. Additionally, you will need to vacuum the house more frequently and discard the bag after each service.

If you would like more information or a free proposal on these systems or any pest related service, please contact me at Chase Pest Control. Our office number is 936-441-2847 or by email at Until the next issue, have a great time outdoors. Drink plenty of Water and take many breaks.