Summer is definitely here! You know it’s hot when it takes you two hours just to cool down from being outside. (Please keep that in mind when your service people are spending time on your property…it may take them just a little longer to complete the task at hand.)

Ok, here’s what is happening in the bug world; spiders, scorpions, wasp/bees, mosquitoes, fire ants and termites…actually, if it looks like bug, is in the “bug” family….it’s Active!!! Spider control requires several steps. First is the constant removal of the webs, reducing their food sources and harborage sites, and chemical control, if needed. Spiders are very smart insects…if their food source (other insects) is reduced and you continually remove their webbing, they will move on or die. You can reduce the other insect population by utilizing yellow lights (for the flying insects) and/or chemical control measures. Additionally, you can fill those cracks and gaps with caulk or expanding foam.

Scorpions? In Montgomery County? Yes, in certain areas of the county we do have scorpion issues. These guys are not fun to encounter and not easy to eliminate. The control of scorpions requires a combination of several actions and, more importantly, consistency. First, we suggest that all shrubs and limbs not be in contact with the structure. (This is a good practice for the control of all insects.) Secondly, a good interior application of an appropriately labeled product, followed up with an insecticide dust to all openings, including the attic, should be performed. Then on the exterior you should have the eaves, foundation, and shrub/lawn area around the home sprayed with an approved product. Additionally, all weep holes, cracks, openings should be dusted and a general insecticide granule distributed 8-10 feet around the foundation.

Once these items have been completed, every other month or quarterly exterior service should be performed to insure the “barrier” is fresh and maintained. In severe scorpion situations it is extremely possible that monthly exterior service may be required. For planning and continual control, you should plan to have the interior/exterior dusting performed each year.

For those of you that live around the lake and are tired of those “lake flies” on your patio, around the windows, and on your homes, there is a way to solve that problem. The misting systems are greatly minimizing their invasion as well as adding great control for mosquitoes and other insects. Our “Chase’m Away Misting System” is designed and installed to prevent pest invasions in and to the areas where you desire. These systems are programmed to operate at times when you are not present or can be operated right before you go outside to flush the area of these insects. Therefore, if you’re tired of picking these flying insects out of your coffee or adult beverages or swatting at them, you should consider a misting system.

Ants are extremely active. Be on the lookout for Carpenter Ants trailing on or around your home. Carpenter Ants are up to ¾ of inch long and generally all black. They are a BIG ant and easy to spot. Carpenter Ants are nocturnal…active at night. Should you notice these ants on your home or in your landscaping, I would suggest having a professional pest management company solve this problem. Fire ant control for a property can now be done with a single application for a full years protection. We use a product called Top Choice and so far every property owner that has had their property treated has been elated with the control. It’s not an inexpensive product…but it works and works well. Sugar ants will continue to be a pain. Should you suspect you have sugar ants, generally found in the pantry, counter tops, and cabinets, the worst thing you can do is grab the “Raid”. Do not spray these guys!! Baits and non-repellant insecticides are the only way to effectively rid your home of these ants.

Mosquitoes ruining your time outside?? Call us, we can professionally fog your outdoor area and give you 2-4 weeks of relief.

If you would like more information or a free proposal on our misting systems or any pest related service, please contact me at Chase Pest Control. Our office number is 936-441-2847 or 281-296-2847 or by email at Until the next issue, have a great time outdoors. Drink plenty of Water and take many breaks.