Hello Fall…bring on the “cooler” weather!!! Well by now we’ve gotten back into our school routines, worked out the kid shuffle schedules, already heard the kids complain about the difficulties of Math or History (and determined that we don’t remember that “stuff” either…hey, it’s completely different and our government is changing it daily), and some have shipped the kids off to college to become further educated…hopefully not just in “life skills” either. So, when those college students start coming home to get their laundry done, stock up on some food, maybe catch up on some sleep and probably “tap” the wallet for some extra spending cash, don’t be surprised if they also bring home some un-invited guest…Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs have been all over the media and they will continue to be an issue for quite some time. For those that live in Multi-Unit Complexes and dorms there is a greater probability that they will encounter bed bugs. And when this encounter occurs, get ready because it’s a complete nightmare, total inconvenience and can be costly to resolve. The pest control industry has been extremely busy preparing for the control and possible prevention of bed bug infestations to our dwellings.

The biggest issue is the bed bug is a “hitch hiker” and will create an infestation in our single family homes, because we visited or our guests stayed over at an invested location and while sleeping the Bed Bugs found their way into our luggage, back packs, purses, clothes or even our bodies. (Don’t shoot the “messenger”…I’m just trying to “educate”…) Then, upon our return home, we throw those items down in our living quarters and the Bed Bugs awaits the opportunity to move in, begin feeding and multiply…now the “fun” begins!!! If you awake in the mornings with little welts/spots all over your body and notice tiny “blood” spots on the sheets, you need to get involved quickly with the eradication and clean out process…grab a sweat rag, the telephone and your check book…proper treatment is imperative, invasive and time consuming.

Ok, so now that I have totally grossed you out and ruined your day, what do you look for? The adult bed bug is about 3/16″ long, brown to reddish in color and is visible to the eye (doesn’t take a microscope).

They hide during the day in the bed frames, seams of the mattresses/box springs, in the bed side furniture, picture frames, stuffed furniture, behind loose wall paper, door and window frames, base boards, wall sockets…just about anywhere that is dark. The female bed bug can lay 1-5 eggs per day and the developmental time (egg to adult) takes about 21 days. Humans are the preferred host and although the bite is painless, most people develop an allergic reaction to the saliva injected as the bug feeds.


Preventative measures are really limited. Seamless mattress/box spring covers that will prevent the bed bug from attaching eggs and hiding in the seams and cording around the mattresses, do help. And, then we have special monitoring devices that can be placed in the areas that bed bugs prefer to “hang out” and can be routinely checked to determine any activity.

While prevention and monitoring is important, prompt response to an active infestation is paramont to the success of gaining timely control. When activity is determined and properly identified, it will be necessary to treat the beds, frames, furniture, base boards, switch plates, window seals….just about everywhere possible. Follow up inspections and monitoring over the next 20-45 days and re-treatment if necessary. As always, the selection of an appropriately labeled product, mixing, and application is of greatest importance. In most single family homes, bed bug infestations can be controlled with a single thurough application/treatment. Multi-Unit complexes require the treatment of all adjoining units and sometimes the entire building. To the parents of college students, should your “student” mention that they think they have bed bugs in their apartments or dorms…get involed to insist that action be taken and stay involved until it’s resolved!!! (Oh, and tell them NOT to come home…make up some excuse!!)

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