Better start working on your Christmas list…time sure is flying!!! Here it is already May and things are already hopping! The April weather was enjoyable, except for the wind. Maybe our May will be gentle and allow us to slowly advance towards the summer.(???)

The termites started swarming sporadically the first week of April and due to the cool, non-humid conditions I suspect they will continue through mid May. If your home or office was fortunate enough to not experience and interior swarm, count your blessings. Especially if your property has never had a complete termite treatment or it’s been 7 or more years since the treatment was performed. As you have heard me say before, our region of Texas is extremely active with termites. All properties have termite colonies living somewhere on the premise. They may find your home or office in 2 days or 2 decades or never, but they are on the property. And with that knowledge, it is strongly recommended that you protect your home or office from costly damage. Prevention is much more affordable than correction. Termites continue to amaze me in the degree of damage that such a small insect can create when not detected. Seriously, have a professional inspect your property, advise you of the areas of concern, propose a treatment program and answer your questions, so that you may make the right decision… before it’s too late and you incur additional repair expenses.

Other insects on the move will be “our” friend the wonderful fire ant. As the rains continue (begin), the mounds will appear. Then you will start the weekend expeditions of “killing those %#@$#” only to get frustrated because they “moved” over about fifteen feet from where they were last weekend. (You’re laughing, aren’t you? I’ve seen you doing it.) Then, after you have spent countless hours and several hundred dollars…you wave the white flag, hang you head low, and admit defeat and humiliation caused by a little ant. If you read nothing else in this article, please read the next couple of lines. Save yourself countless hours of time and frustration, either call a professional to apply Top Choice or purchase enough of the appropriate over-the-counter product to treat the ENTIRE property the first time according to the label. The Top Choice product, that we have available to apply, will control fire ants for 12 months…guaranteed!

Our other insect soon to be present is a real sucker….the mosquito! The rains, humidity, dense foliage and heat make these guys just go crazy for “Type O, A and B”….blood. You can minimize their attendance on your property by removing standing water areas, reducing the dense foliage and allowing the air to circulate and by watering your lawn and shrubs as needed. There are some over-the–counter products that can be sprayed on the lawn and shrubs that will give you a few days of relief, but they will not last for weeks. Long term control is obtained with the automated misting systems, when designed and installed properly, will give you years of satisfaction and enjoyment in your backyard. These systems are programmed to turn on late at night and early in the morning to “flush out” adult mosquitoes and deter them from utilizing the protected area as a breeding ground. Additionally, most systems have a remote control to allow you to operate the system prior to your early evening gatherings on the patio or by the pool. If you enjoy being outdoors, you will love a misting system. It’s truly like the first automated sprinkler system you owned… couldn’t believe you waited so long to install one and every home you live in will now have one!

If we can assist you with any insect related issue, please give us a call or email me at We are full service pest control company providing general pest, termite, rodent and misting system services to homes and offices in Montgomery County.