The Season of giving Thanks…best time of the year! I know ALL of you have completed your preparations for Christmas…lights up, tree decorated, gift purchases are complete, and the menu is prepared…now it’s just sit back and relax and truly enjoy the “Reason for the Season”. For the record… NO, I’m not prepared…in fact I’m trying to talk myself into getting back on the ladder, since my light hanger went off to college…bet they’ll be down before he goes back!!!

As I began to prepare for this edition, I reflected back on when I started writing these articles for the Dock Line…2004…back when it was just 4 issues per year…not 12. So, for 8 years now I have tried to enlighten the residents of Montgomery County on insect related issues and the control aspects. While there are thousands of insects, we only tend to be concerned with 10-15 that seem to impact/invade our spaces…so yes; I do repeat myself (I learned that from my parents). Another thing that I realized is that I have never really spent much time discussing my company and the services that we provide.

Chase Pest Control, Inc. began in 1997 as a subsidiary of another service company. In January 2000, I took over sole ownership (since it is named after my son) and with the help of Russell Dennis, we began to focus on growth and service, as it pertains to the pest management industry. Just like any position or job, we learn, we adjust, we improve, and we strive to be the best at what we do. From the very beginning I refused to require contracts for our services (other than State required services), for I felt that our performance would be our contract, that people still honor their word, and communication and a hand shake was “contract” enough…I know, “Old Fashion”, but it served my grandfathers. (Besides, if someone is going to take advantage of you, a contract will not stop them.) With that being said, there are people that do not honor their word…”bad apples in every bushel”!

The company is only as good as its people. I am extremely blessed to have a professional staff that is truly more concerned about the services they provide than the income that they receive. We have 2 Certified Applicators (Harry Sturrock, 8 years and me, 14 years), 3 Licensed Technicians (Stephen Sweeten, 6 years; Russell Dennis 7 years (1998-2005) and has rejoined the team this past April; and Kacey Sowell joined the team in June) and a wonderful Office Manager (Casey Caldwell). This team is dedicated to solving your pest related issues in a timely and efficient manner.

As for the services offered, we provide one time or recurring pest management services to the residential and commercial markets, in Montgomery County. With this being said, we can perform interior and exterior services and/or exterior only services. Exterior only service provides greater consistency, efficient routing, less intrusive and eliminates the “time” constraint of our client having to wait on a technician. This doesn’t mean that the interior never needs to be treated, but not every 3 months…maybe one time per year…truly depends on what you are experiencing. We have found that every other month exterior service really enhances the pest management protection and greatly reduces the need to apply products to the interior.

Additionally, we perform annual fire ant treatments utilizing a product called Top Choice. We inspect, propose and perform exclusion services to minimize the possibilities of intruders. Perform and prepare Wood Destroying Insect Reports for the purchase of homes, refinances, or peace of mind. Should wood destroying insects, such as carpenter ants, wood boring insects or termites, be discovered, we can prepare the various treatment options for your consideration and perform the treatment that you select.

In 2005, we added Misting System installation and service. These systems have greatly reduced the mosquito and flying insect populations in the areas that people enjoy outdoors. We can service/repair any system and keep it working properly throughout the year. By the way…a great Christmas present for the family!!!

As I mentioned, this is the Season of giving Thanks and I am so very Thankful for many things: our Lord and Savior; His daily blessings and shroud of protection; my family and friends; my wonderful employees; and, our awesome clients. People ask me all the time “How’s business?” and I tell them, “We are Thankful for what we have; blessed for what we get.”

Until the next issue, We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!