Ok readers, as I prepare my article it’s mid-February; we haven’t had a hard winter; mosquitoes have already been out looking for donors; ants have already started “marching in”; and, we just left a six month old home that has termite activity on an inside bath wall…termites and other insects do forage all year long in our region and they don’t care if your home is one month or fifty years old.

First statement made by the homeowner was “I thought my builder took care of that.” My response was (and is) that many builders do not require or have termite treatments performed before the slab is poured. So my next question to you, does your home or business have termite protection? And, have the conducive conditions around your home/business been corrected? The home mentioned above had soil and mulch higher than the slab and the termites were entering through this area, unnoticed. Had the soil been lower the homeowner may have noticed the shelter tubes while working in the flowerbeds. Therefore, conducive condition corrections are extremely important as well as some form of termite protection.

Believe it or not, the spring and summer months are quickly approaching. Which only means the insect world will be approaching us quickly, too. If you perform your own pest control services then you know it’s time to start making your insecticide applications. This is especially true for fire ants, spiders, and mosquitoes. If your property is plagued with constant fire ants and you are tired of chasing the mounds around your yard, we now have several effective and lasting options. One is a product called Top Choice that can provide a full year of control, with only one application. Should the fire ants show back up before the end of your 52-week contract, we come back and retreat at no additional cost.

Mosquitoes on the other hand have to be dealt with constantly. You know that many afternoons and early evenings you have gone inside only because the mosquitoes were driving you crazy, even after lighting your citronella candles and spraying on the Off. Well let me inform you about some other options. For the DIYer’s, there are hose end spray mixtures that can be applied to your lawn and shrubs that will give you a couple of days control. Or, prior to you or the family going outside, use a fogger type machine that will void the area of adult mosquitoes for a short period of time. Timing of either of these applications is critical to your outside enjoyment…can’t do it real early and can’t do it right before you go out.

If taking the time element and hassle out of the equations is of value to you and your family, then I would suggest a mosquito misting system. We professionally design and install these systems to kill mosquitoes within a defined area…the protection zone. Generally, the system is programmed to come on two to four times per day, for 20-45 seconds each time, early in the morning and late at night. This flushes and kills the adult mosquitoes in the protection zone and makes the area less desirable for a mosquito breeding site. Many of the systems come equipped with a remote control that will allow you, at the push of the button, to perform an immediate application prior to going outside, just for that added protection. The product we use in these systems is a water-based pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is made from the chrysanthemum flowers and is utilized in food processing plants, around livestock, and is labeled for these misting systems. Other insects such as spiders, fleas, flies, and roaches are also controlled with this product, especially in the protection zone.

If a complete misting system is not in your budget, we do offer a fogging service that can be completed every 30 days or as requested to give you some relief. Depending on the environmental pressures, this application can make a difference for up to 30 days and is considerably less than the cost of the misting system. This is a great application before a back yard event, when completed 2-3 days prior.

The whole purpose of these systems or applications is to enable you to spend more quality time outside, away from the television and video games, with your family and friends without having to take a bath in some mosquito repellant. Not to mention reducing the mosquito population and their associated diseases. If you would like more information or a free proposal on these systems or any pest related service, please contact me at Chase Pest Control. Our office number is 936-441-2847 or by email at cary@chasepestcontrol.com. Until the next issue, have a great time outdoors…the heat will soon return (as well as the BUGS!).