This is going to be a long termite swarm season!!! I say this because Mother Nature keeps sending us through Spring, Summer & Winter…weekly! The termites need humidity and heat to trigger their swarm and that’s why we are having spotted swarms across the county. Normally, this process starts to the south and moves north. However, the one consistency with all of these swarms is that they are occurring inside the homes, where the temperature is more constant/warm…and no; an interior swarm is not a good situation.

Last month, my article gave you a really good verbal description of a termite. It was suppose to have a picture, but I guess it got “edited”.?.? So, since the swarm is not finished, here is a visual difference between the swarming termite and the swarming ant:

ant vs termite.jpg

Again, should you enter your home or business and discover thousands of “ant like” insects with or without wings; you should immediately contact a pest control company. Do not grab the raid can and start spraying. The majority of these swarmers will die. If you must clean up the area, please use a vacuum and then discard the bag. It’s important for the pest control operator to view the area to determine the point(s) of entry/exit, especially on an interior swarm. Additionally, it is very common for homeowners to find termite swarmers around the doors and windows during the swarm season. What needs to be identified is whether the wings are located on the inside or outside of the structure.

I know that I always try to give you solutions to resolve the problems yourself, but this is one insect that I strongly recommend having a professional treat. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve heard a homeowner say, “I sprayed these termites last year with some can of something and they stopped swarming. Why are they swarming again?” Well, it’s because you did it wrong. (Sorry, don’t shoot the messenger, please) The immediate problem/activity can be treated professionally and accurately with a spot treatment and there will be a much higher probability that you will not experience a swarm in that area, next year. Spot treatments are limited (by the TDA) to 10 linear feet and are generally the least expensive. But, when completed properly, will stop the activity and continual feeding of the termites, in that area. Whether you decide to treat the entire structure or just have a spot treatment, a licensed professional should perform this service.

Protect your home or office from potential termite activity!!! The cost of protecting is far less than the cost to remodel. Additionally, perform those alterations to the exterior to minimize termite activity, as discussed in previous articles.

Until next time, if you’re tired of ”swatin, stompin and throwin” things (at bugs)…give us a call…we’ll Chase’em away …to your neighbors. We are a full service pest control company providing general pest, termite, rodent and misting system services to homes and offices in Montgomery County. If we can assist you, please give us a call or email me at