Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Pest Professionals at Chase Pest Control. Please take time during the Season to pray for our men and women in our Military serving to protect our freedoms. If you are out on the town and see a Military person in uniform, take a moment and go shake their hand and tell them Thank You.

This time of year is so enjoyable, especially for those of us that work outside. What a great break from the sweltering heat, humidity and stinging insects. So enjoy this time because it doesn’t last long.

The bug problems we have been experiencing are quickly changing to varmint problems… rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons and opossums. All of our homes and offices are subject to these animals obtaining access and utilizing our space for their homes. Unfamiliar noises and odors should be your first indication that something is not right and needs to be further explored. Don’t just think that they will move on and not come back. Once these animals have located an area that they can sleep, eat and live undisturbed… they will stay until “forced” to leave. Yes, it would be fine if they just came and went without doing any damage. But believe me, they don’t! Damages occur at the point of entry, where they bed down, where they explore in the walls and attic areas and in many situations to wires and pipes. Replacing the wood is generally not an issue, but when they chew on wires creating a short and possible sparks… that’s when it’s an issue.

With all that being said, take the time now to explore your attic areas and see if there are any signs of activity. Look for areas in the insulation that have been “mashed” down or trails made through the insulation. Also, look for droppings (that’s the polite name for excrement/poop…sorry). Not all droppings look the same…mice are small, rats are larger than mice, raccoons are much larger than rats, etc. If you discover droppings with a little white dot on the end, don’t freak out, it’s Gecko/lizard droppings and we all have them in our attics. Additionally, if you smell a real musty/urine smell, this will be an indication that something is occurring that should be researched.

Now that you have explored the attic please don’t stop there… now, go outside and check all of your sofit vents, peaks, valleys, A/C entry lines, water entry lines, dryer vents and especially those areas where the different roof elevations meet. Be looking for signs that include scratching, missing insulation, missing vent covers and dark rub marks where the oils from their bodies are accumulating on the siding. Should you identify any of these areas then exclusion services are greatly suggested. If you have lots of limbs within 8-10 feet of your roof, I can promise you animals are looking for a way to enter your home. Furthermore, I would greatly recommend having those limbs removed.

Just because we are into our “winter” months, the insect population will continue to thrive. So, if you are seeing insects now, and even if you are not, don’t delay in starting a quality pest management program. The services you perform or have performed now will greatly enhance your pest protection as it begins to warm. Also, if you were covered up and irritated with the mosquitoes this year, now is a great time to consider a Misting System.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding insects or unwanted “guest” for the Holiday Season, give us call. We would love the opportunity to be of assistance…Protecting People, Property and Pets Since 1997…It’s what we do!

 Until the next issue, have a Safe and Happy Holiday season! Have a Very Merry Christmas!