One of the most effective ways to avoid pest problems in your home or business is with our pest exclusion services. Pest exclusion takes a proactive approach to pest control by focusing more on preventative measures, like sealing up entry points into your building. Gone are the days when you have to blanket a facility or home with powerful chemicals. With our pest exclusion services, you’ll be protected before and pest free from the beginning.

Pest Exclusion Services

Our pest exclusion services include:

  • Full examination of all possible entry points including cracks in the foundation, improperly sealed vents, drain pipes, doorways, windows, and garbage shoots.
  • Sealing and securing all possible entry points into the building.
  • Recommending more preventative measures such as proximity of organic matter to the building, and food availability indoors.

Pest Exclusion Benefits

There are several key benefits to pest exclusion, as opposed to traditional pest management. Pest exclusion is much more cost effective as less chemicals are used and as well as more efficient methods. There is also less impact on the environment. The chemicals and pesticides used in pest eradication can be harmful to both humans and animals and are not great for the environment.

Pest exclusion services prevent infestation from ever occurring in the first place. It takes a professional approach to identify and seal off any unnecessary openings into your facility or home. It’s also important to note that structural issues may need to be addressed as well. Cracks in the foundation, leaks in the roof, and unsecured doorways may need to be repaired. This often requires a professional contractor who can make structural alterations to meet pest exclusion requirements. We can recommend a contractor for cases like this.

If you need pest exclusion service to prevent insects and rodents from entering your home or facility, then call us today.