Do you need a rodent management service fast? Are you finding rodent droppings in or around your house? Can you hear small scratching noises in the walls? Rodents mainly live outdoors in spring, summer, and fall, but once the temperature starts dropping, they find their way inside to stay warm and to look for food.

As much as you don’t like it, your home or business can be the perfect environment for rodents to thrive. If you think you may have a rodent problem, chances are you could already be too late. You need a professional, experienced rodent service to remedy the problem as soon as possible.


Signs of Rodents

Rats and mice of many varieties are the most populous rodents found in the southern United States. Some of the most common signs of rodents are droppings, hair, worn pathways along baseboards and rafters, and chewing damage to your property – like doors.


Rodent Concerns

Rodents can be the cause of many health and safety issues because they potentially carry numerous diseases. Every year, rodents cause hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property damage, including food and other goods. Rodents are particularly destructive in food related industries and can cause serious contamination problems. Rodents have also been known to be the cause of electrical problems including fires, due to gnawing and chewing on wires and around outlets.


Rodent Management and Prevention

Preventing rodents hinges mostly on proper sanitation and food storage. Keep your home and property clean and prevent access to food sources. Seal up any openings through which a rodent could enter and use traps if necessary.

Chase Pest Control has years of experience and expert knowledge to handle your rodent management. We evaluate your rodent situation and address any concerns while we provide you a customized rodent management approach.

Our rodent management strategies may include:

  • Sanitation recommendations to reduce rodent attraction
  • Sealing holes and cracks to prevent rodent entry
  • Traps to capture rodents and prevent entry
  • Rodent bait stations used in strategic indoor and outdoor areas to eliminate rodent activity
If you are suffering from a rodent problem, call Chase Pest Control today.