Termite inspections are most often requested when buying or selling a home. The termite inspection process requires a professional exterminator who examines the home for signs of infestation and damage. Upon completion, the exterminator will prepare an inspection report for termites. Often these reports can be difficult to read and comprehend. At Chase Pest Control, we walk you through the report so you have a clear understanding of the findings. One of the most important aspects of a termite inspection report is understanding why it is necessary to begin with.

Why Do I Need A Termite Inspection Report?

If you are considering buying a house, you should take certain steps to ensure there is no damage to the structure of the home before the purchase is finalized. One of those steps is to get a termite inspection report from a professional exterminator. Also referred to as a “wood-destroying insect” or WDI report, this document lets the buyer know if the home shows any signs of termite infestation before the purchase is made.

Texas WDI Report

The Termite Inspection Report, also known as the Texas Wood Destroying Insect Report, covers topics such as the scope of the inspection, the property address, any inaccessible areas, and the identification of conditions conducive to wood destroying insects. It also includes details of any evidence of an active or previous infestation, or evidence of previous treatments for a termite infestation.

It’s important to note that the Texas Official WDI Report is not a structural damage report. It describes a professional’s observations of termite activity that indicate infestation and conditions that might promote infestation.  Our inspection is thorough, but  it is not a guarantee of the absence of termites.

Certain home lenders may require termite treatments if an active infestation is found.  Lenders might also require the correction of any issues noted in the report that might make the property vulnerable to wood destroying insects.

If there is evidence of termites but no signs of activity in a structure that shows no evidence of previous treatment, Chase Pest Control will recommend a treatment.

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